Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water 80 Tea Bags (250g)

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1 kg = 27.96 €

1 kg = 27.96 €

Currently out of stock with Taylors. Only Yorkshire Tea is blended to suit different water types. So their tea tastes delicious, no matter where you live. In 1886 Charles Edward Taylor and his brother started their tea importing business and soon after set up their first Tea and Coffee Shop in Harrogate where they served their tea. Yorkshire has been one of the best selling teas in England for a few years and received a royal warrant from the Prince of Wales. Contains 80 tea bags.

Ingredients: 100% black tea.

Herkunftsland: Großbritannien
Hersteller: Taylors of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 7LD.

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